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Mobile phones have now become a necessity; one cannot think of his existence without it. But wonder what this invention looked like at the time of its birth as compared to present.

Going back to the early 90s, the design of mobile phone was way too typical than today. The basic model looked like a huge sized bulky walkie-talkie with a long antenna for network connectivity; the design was similar to a cordless phone used now. This model was transformed into a slightly modified look with an internal antenna, cool colours and better graphics by the end of 90s. Year 2000 marked the introduction of touch screens in the evolution of mobile phones. The display was though restricted to black & white until 2001, when monochromatic display was introduced. In the period of early 2000s, mobile phones made several developments in terms of display, design, screen size and some other features. Amongst these, the most notable introduction was the addition of camera in cell phones.

In 2007, smartphones came in existence that revolutionized the whole industry; it gave a glimpse of how powerful this handled device could really be. The arrival of Android platform in 2008 gave the industry the real boost in terms of technology development and penetration in all parts of the globe. By the end of 2009, mobile phones had become a statement rather a source of communication. Nowadays users are equally concerned about the design and performance of the smartphones. Therefore, manufacturers have risen to the challenge by offering phones that have a premium feel along with enough processing power to handle multi-tasking with ease. Till date, more than one billion activated devices were quoted that run on Android platform worldwide.

Overall, mobile phones have shown great development since their birth, leaving us curious as to what may be the next update in their evolution.

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