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Living in the age of selfies, it is important for you to know the art of taking a perfect one. There are three important aspects that have to be kept in mind before clicking.

Firstly, when taking a selfie find the most suitable angle for best results. For instance, snapping a picture by keeping the camera slightly higher than your head would help your eyes look bigger and nose symmetrical, ending with a perfect click. You should be aware of your best side and features so that you can flaunt them more.

Secondly, the scene or background in which the selfie is taken is important. Make sure you check the environment around you, before taking a selfie. In case of taking indoor selfies, use curtains that enable sunlight to pass through as light should be appropriate for good picture quality. Also, beware of photo bombers; these could be your younger siblings or pets that damage your idea of a perfect selfie but then, they make it interesting too!

Moreover, the final aspect is the editing and sharing of selfie on social media. Several mobile phones today have built-in editing features while for others, you may download apps online for editing. Experiment with new apps for best results and share it with your friends and family with just one touch.

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